Weather delays may impact practice.  Please check the Remind App for updates.

As the weather here in south Florida is unpredictable, cancellations of games and practices are inevitable.  If there is a cancellation, it will be posted on Remind approximately 1 hour before event time.  In the event of a sudden thunderstorm, cancellation decisions may be made closer to event time.


The following lightning policy has been implemented by the City of Coconut Creek. 

The City has a LIGHTNING PREDICTION SYSTEM at all city parks in order to warn of any potential lightning threats. 

When a ground strike of lightning has occurred within seven miles of the park, the alarm will generate one (1) 15 second horn blast. When you hear this horn blast, we must:

  • Suspend all games and practices immediately.

  • Stay away from metal including the fencing and bleachers.

  • Get EVERYONE to clear the outdoor facility and walk (not run) to their vehicle.

  • Ensure everybody remains in their vehicle/or protected area until the “ALL CLEAR” alarm sounds, which is three (3) shorts blasts.

Wait in your car/protected area for 20 minutes after the warning horn has sounded. If the all clear has not sounded after 20 minutes, the referees/coaches will decide whether the game/practice can continue and advise the players. 

Please also be advised that there should always be a parent or designated representative present at the field for practices, as well as game day, in the event of a cancellation. 

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